ConsumerRadar - The consumer in shopping mode

For the first time, a representative consumer panel enables the collection and evaluation of exact behavioural data in the different phases of the entire purchase process , i. e. planning and realization. This leads to absolutely new ways of benchmarking, planning and optimizing opportunities within trade and industry.

Consumer perception and behaviour regarding promotional effectiveness of market develoment funds, choice of shopping location and stores, product selection, price sensitivity and limits of consumers, stockpiling relating to promotions, preferred promotional flyers are just a few of the now measurable and relevant key figures.

The ConsumerRadar covers and/or tracks among others:

  • All digital channels: Internet stationary/mobile
  • All App Stores
  • All digital devices: PC, notebooks, tablets, smart phones, smart watches
  • All phases of the purchasing process
  • All individual elements/profiles of the consumers
  • The de facto perception of the flyers
  • Advertising contacts
  • The de facto contact rates
  • The contact quality
  • Etc.

The key figures and measures from the ConsumerRadar will be available online