CombiTracker - Key for the optimal brand management

CombiTracker combines the PromotionTracker and ShelfTracker. With this up-to-the-minute database, you have the full control over your pricing strategies – no matter if you want to verify your price at the PoS or if you want to check the realization of a planned promotion.

See the difference between promotion price and current, regular shelf price at the PoS at one glance:

  • Direct and graphical comparison of promotion and shelf prices
  • Recoginize pricing trends of single products within both fields
  • Detailed, weekly information about minimum, maximum or average prices
  • Price ranges and development of all contained distribution channels
  • Comparison of top statistics with quantitative details in one graph
  • Price difference on reseller level
  • Linkage to FlyerPool – one click enables you to verify the prices in the according media
  • Etc.