For a long time, our data is an essential base for the decisions of our numerous and famous clients. Drotax® was founded in 1963 in Frankfurt am Main (Germany). At first it was integrated into concern of the Dun & Bradstreet group (former AC Nielsen, IMS institute for medical statistics, Schimmelpfeng). Therefore, Drotax® is considered as a pioneer concerning the development of the first price observation systems for drugstores. The „Drotax® price list“ arised and has been the only current and detailed „price list“ for drugstore products until the price fixing for drugstore goods was abolished in the mid-1970s. Because of its ultramodern and current variant, the brand „Drotax®“ is and will still be the original of the first price information systems for consumer goods.

Drotax® is the market leader in the range of market research for consumer goods and their prices (food, drugstores & nonfood) and sets traditional standards concerning quality, reliability, neutrality and objectivity.

Granting a completely autarc infrastructure is one of the most important key features of our company philosophy. EVERY Drotax service is produced and provided with the help of this autarc infrastructure. This contains for example: household and trade panels, external work, F&E (software development etc.), hosting (datacenter, back-up datacenter), production (data processing, digitalisation), quality management as well as marketing and distribution of all Drotax® products and services.

The „Gesellschaft für Markt- & Handelsforschung“ (GfM&H; Society for market & trade research) was founded in 1997 in Celle as independent market and trade research enterprise. Since the 1st of January 2015, it is part of the Drotax Group, which is situated in Bad Homburg.

The current available data of GfM&H are an essential part of the client‘s decision making process and serve as chief information source for responding and reacting to the steadily changing market situation. Various well-known clients from trade and industry use the userfriendly data base from the very beginning. In 2005 the data range was expandet to the collection of the Germand food retail and drugery sector.

Company History